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The new EBEL Sport Classic Lady Blue Dial brings a fluo-retro twist to the Sports Classic design. The new, brushed stainless steel and yellow gold model features an electric blue galvanic dial, a look that is as bold as it is beautiful. Set with gold-plated roman numerals and eight perfect diamonds, a look that draws the eye and then holds it. The faceted, diamond-polished hour and minute hands offer a perfect finishing touch.

The ESC Lady Blue Dial also features a re-imagined stainless steel bracelet, which brings a luxurious new twist to the classic timepiece. The iconic stainless steel waves are set alight by polished, yellow gold edging, a bold statement that sits strikingly against the blue of the dial.

This is a piece that is inspired by the retro styles of the 70s and 80s, but reignites them with a truly modern take. It fuses vintage with absolutely modern, creating a watch that shines as brightly in the nightclub as it does on the deck of a seagoing vessel, or on a remote shore. With water-resistance up to 5 bars, the EBEL Sport Classic Lady Blue Dial combines the dynamic sports practicality of the EBEL Sports Classic Line with a luxurious, modern twist. The perfect fusion of beauty with function. After all, it’s an EBEL.

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