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EBEL is very proud to be the main sponsor for the exhibition of ‘Florence Cosnefroy Couleurs et correspondances’ taking place from the 6th April to 2nd June in the Villa “Le Lac”, Corseaux, Switzerland.

The Artist - Trained in Paris, Cologne and Vancouver, visual artist Florence Cosnefroy develops artistic projects around colour and the colour chart. Her works are criss-crossed by questions on matters of habitat, architecture and human relations. Florence Cosnefroy lives and works in Paris.

The Exhibition - Since 2014, Florence Cosnefroy has created a link between Le Corbusier’s colours and what the occupants of various Le Corbusier sites experienced there. For the Villa “Le Lac”, whose only inhabitants were the architect’s parents and his brother Albert, Florence Cosnefroy based her conception of Colours and correspondences on the extensive family correspondence, which makes frequent references to colours and the little house. The installation consists of 32 monochrome paintings associated with extracts from letters written from 1923 to 1965, thus establishing correspondences between texts and colours, between the Villa “Le Lac” and its residents, between thelittle house and all of Le Corbusier’s work.

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The Villa - Villa “Le Lac” is a little gem of ingenuity and functionalism – an architectural manifesto where one can find the key ideas of the program developed by Le Corbusier during the 1920s. This laboratory of modern ideas is one of the architect's most personal and inventive works. Designed for his parents in 1923, Villa "Le Lac" is listed as world heritage site by UNESCO in 2016.

EBEL as main Sponsor - EBEL, Swiss luxury watch brand sponsors this unique exhibition. It’s indeed an exciting opportunity for EBEL to intimately connect with the beauty of this small house and its very clever functionalities. At the exhibition, the guests can enjoy the exclusive premiere of EBEL’s novelties for the year and limited editions from the iconic EBEL Sport Classic collection. From its founding in La Chaux-de-Fonds, EBEL has always had a unique association with Le Corbusier. Not only they shared a common birthplace but also a common design philosophy, that is about the true fusion of beauty and function. The house of EBEL originally known as La Villa Turque was designed by Le Corbusier from 1916 and EBEL’s newly celebrated ad creative also features Le Corbusier’s visual artwork, Othello from 1938.

Illustration: Florence Cosnefroy.

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