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EBEL Sport Classic Grande

Nature’s touch in forest green and earth beige

Explore a lush new world with the EBEL Sport Classic Grande. These new additions celebrate nature’s richest colortones and at the same time embody the quintessence of EBEL’s philosophy: the creation of Swiss-made timepieces imbued with technical perfection and a flawless aesthetic. Iconic since the moment of its inception, the EBEL Sport Classic symbolizes a truly free-spirited yet sophisticated sense of style, unique to the women who wear it.

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Classic in nature yet contemporary in spirit, a soulful femininity underscores the EBEL Sport Classic Grande. From the smoothness of its surfaces to the gorgeous precision in every detail, the EBEL Sport Classic Grande resonates with a fluid functionality. Capture nature’s most sumptuous colorswith the EBEL Sport Classic Grande this season.

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