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Explore, dream, discover take on a whole new meaning in 2017 with the relaunch of the EBEL Discovery, whose 1986 forebear marked the brand’s foray into new terrain with its first true sports watch.

Displaying a stronger focus on women, the free-spirited, adventurous new EBEL DISCOVERY features a well-crafted and distinctive, easy-to-wear design that is manifest in nine hardy yet elegant models. Adventurous ladies are thus treated to an impressive sliding scale of 33 mm diameter options. When it comes to Discovery Gent, EBEL has produced a series of robustly stylish stainless steel masterpieces that will truly separate the men from the boys.

The EBEL Discovery is a classic embodiment of the brand’s founding principle of the architectural magic that happens when beauty marries function. An ideal accessory for chic, modern adventurers.