The History Of Ebel

1996: The Shanta Collection

Indian mythology recounted that Shanta, the serene, was the flower of creation, ruling the emotions with grace and sensitivity. Revered as the ideal of womanhood, her beauty was sublime beyond the dreams of poets. Those who transcended into Shanta, the highest of the nine emotions, spoke of a radiance as a pure lotus and as transient as the clouds.

The Shanta watch flirted with this idea, as if to keep a secret by disclosing it. Glimpsed through gold, the disciplined technology of time was revealed in a lotus-white dial. EBEL’s distinctive architecture of line wrapped time in sensual luxury, to extend beyond function into the emotional realms of jewellery in all its splendour. EBEL’s Shanta was crafted in gold, set with a variety of precious stones and decorated in a subtle interplay of openwork and mouldings on the case and bracelet.