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EBEL Summer News

EBEL 1911: Inspired by the harmonious beauty of function and form

EBEL’s newest collection is decades in the making. Originally launched as part of the Sport Classic family in 1986 to commemorate the brand’s 75th anniversary, the 1911 line captures the elegant and artistic spirit of EBEL. This 34mm EBEL 1911 Grande timepiece for women stands out with its luxurious mother-of-pearl dial in a toasty shade of ochre and ten diamond indexes. Wearers can don this watch with a bicolor bracelet or with a light brown fabric strap made from recycled ocean-bound plastic and cork. The hexagonal case shape, balanced proportions and exquisite details, as well as the classic five-link metallic bracelet, characterize the magnificent EBEL 1911 models introduced this year.

1911 Ocher
1911 Ocher
1911 Ocher

The EBEL 1911 quartz and mechanical timepieces share the design philosophy behind the famous Villa Turque, created by renowned architect Le Corbusier in 1916: “beauty marries function.” Since 1986 when the brand acquired the architectural wonder, the building has been known as La Maison EBEL and serves as a powerful source of inspiration for EBEL – particularly the 1911 timepieces, whose five bezel screws are a nod to the five construction principles that distinguish the villa’s reputation.

A reflection of Le Corbusier’s masterpiece, the iconic 1911 is presented with a design that is both timeless and infused with brand heritage.

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