The History Of Ebel


1911: The Encounter

It is an undeniable fact that watch-making has tended to be a male-dominated arena, in which all of the high-profile founders of the best-known watch brands have been men. Not so with EBEL, which was built from the very beginning on the twin pillars of masculine and feminine values and qualities, united by the most powerful force in the world: love.

The founders who laid the company foundations on July 15, 1911, were a man and a woman, partners in life and in this noble undertaking. Settled in La Chaux-de-Fonds, one of the major centers of Swiss watch-making, Eugène Blum and Alice Lévy had been married for nine years when they decided to seal this union of destinies in such an entirely novel way. The name of the watch-making firm they established symbolized its unique origins in the fusion of two outstanding personalities: EBEL – an acronym of the initials “Eugène Blum Et Lévy”.

Right from the early days of company history, complementary talents and interests were to shape the construction of the corporate spirit, and to inspire all those who have followed in their twin set of footsteps. Eugène dealt with the technical side of brand development, emphasizing the need for optimal precision, expertise and quality at each step. Meanwhile, Alice focused on aesthetic aspects of Ebel watches, insisting on the elegance and sensuality of soft, gentle shapes, combined with a daring and distinctive, yet timeless approach to design.

Ever since, the combined influence of this determination to achieve irreproachable technical reliability, expressed through models conveying refined and sophisticated taste, has been apparent in the many endeavors and undertakings of EBEL.