The History Of Ebel


2007: EBEL Brasilia Caipirinha & EBEL Classic Hexagon Collection

Dazzling, fun-loving and obviously at home in the spotlight, the Haute Joaillerie Caipirinha model was a vivid embodiment of the spirit of the EBEL Brasilia line launched by EBEL in 2007. Bubbling over with a contagious joie de vivre, it evoked the wide-open spaces, stunning natural beauties and cosmopolitan charms of the land that inspired it, along with a colourful and unmistakably celebratory approach to life in general.

The resolutely upbeat personality of this model was enhanced by bright touches of colour created by the sheer diversity and eye-catching arrangement of the gemstones adorning its 18K-750 polished white-gold case and pavé dial. The resulting fascinating blend of scintillating brilliant-cut diamonds, as well as blue and pink sapphires, blue topazes, yellow citrines and green tsavorites, was strongly reminiscent of carnival time in Rio and its jubilant atmosphere. Even the exotic name of this model, inspired by the Brazilian national cocktail, carried festive and light-hearted Latin American undertones.

Held to the wrist by a dainty black strap complete with white-gold folding clasp matching the case, the Haute Joaillerie Caipirinha offered a head-turning new interpretation of the EBEL Brasilia theme that appealed to self-confident women who were unafraid to let their true colours shine through!

Honoring a brand heritage of strong geometrical design, EBEL also presented the EBEL Classic Hexagon collection.