The History Of Ebel


2005: Beluga 20th In Platinum

The noblest metal for a truly distinguished lady. In a magnificent celebration of its “coming of age”, Beluga was treated to a stunning new garment in the most precious metal of all, platinum, glowing with the fire of 427 baguette-cut diamonds that illuminated its case, dial and bracelet.

To mark its 20th birthday, EBEL subtly transformed the entire design of the Beluga, while retaining and indeed enhancing its very essence characterized by voluptuous, generous lines and tangible sensuality. The new design lent itself particularly well to the dedication shown by EBEL in exploring whole new vistas of gem-setting creativity, vividly displayed here in the precise, finely sculpted technique that even went as far as using 20 different sizes of gemstone to create the desired appearance and texture!

The Beluga 20th was also imbued with an aura of timeless individuality. This sense of uniquely personalized luxury was underscored by the virtually uninterrupted flow of baguette-cut diamonds spilling over its case, dial and bracelet. Romantic and sensual, glamorous and sparkling, it bore eloquent witness to the avant-garde artistry and exquisite femininity inherent in EBEL from its origins.