The History Of Ebel


2002: Haute Joaillerie – Gems Of The Ocean

In 2002, EBEL presented a new Haute Joaillerie collection called Gems Of The Ocean, continuing its tradition in this prestigious category. Gems Of The Ocean launched four exquisite creations, each named after a Polynesian island.

Based on the sensuality and softness of the shapes, uniquely integrated, this collection was genuinely innovative and represented a new emphasis for EBEL.

This hand-crafted, limited edition collection was made unique by a brand new setting: the Coral Setting. A bed of brilliant-cut diamonds were set by hand and superposed with a colored gemstone. This exceptional setting was unique to EBEL, and was never seen before in the Haute Joaillerie segment. Employing this unique way of viewing diamonds through precious colored stones gave a truly imaginative perspective on time, symbolizing the colors found in the island paradises.

The Gems of the Ocean were one-of-a-kind hand-crafted creations with only 50 of each design produced worldwide. Each timepiece model was individually numbered 1-50 and could be custom designed to reflect the wearer’s own personality, as in Haute Couture. Color was a key element in this collection, as each creation was offered in six different colors: blue (Topaz), pink or green (Tourmaline), orange (citrine Palmeira), purple (Amethyst) and white (Rock Crystal).

The Gems Of The Ocean were EBEL’s Haute Joaillerie cornerstone, perennially available, with new pieces being offered every year.