The Latest from EBEL

Baselworld 2017

The EBEL Sport Classic features a timeless design that embodies the very soul of style, with elegantly thin geometric features crafted in the pursuit of a perfect, flawless shape. The tapered links and flat surface of the trademark wave bracelet have been retained as a salute to the original Sport Classic model and its signature flexibility, while the new wave shape is more elegantly pronounced.

The glamorous marriage of technical mastery and well-proportioned aesthetics imbues this timepiece with a stylish yet sporty look that is equally fitting for active and more refined moments. The EBEL Sport Classic perfectly captures the essence of the brand and is an enduring example of what can be created when beauty marries function.

This is a watch whose beauty flows from its simplicity, and which has become a design signature throughout the entire EBEL collection. It represents the focal point of the brand’s repositioning, bringing a historic design classic firmly into the twenty-first century.