The History Of Ebel

2012: Beluga Grande Sertie

A glowing emblem of femininity, the Beluga line welcomed a new model in 2012 graced with generous, soft and sensual lines. Like a splendid dress, its beautifully curved and flowing steel silhouette was adorned with shimmering polished and satin-brushed finishes that caught and held the light. The delicate blue of the hands merged smoothly into the designed central décor of the watch to reflect refined purity. Enhanced by a silver-toned shade and Roman numerals, the dial radiated an aura of elegant simplicity. EBEL's cherished "double E" was subtly applied at 3 o'clock, while the date appeared at 6 o'clock. With its comfortable 36.5 mm diameter, the Beluga Grande Sertie asserted its feminine nature by magnifying the curves of this legendary model.