The History Of Ebel

1995: Le Modular Collection

A Classic Reborn. The Modular, named after the matrix of proportions created by the architect Le Corbusier, traced its technical pedigree to EBEL’S first trend-setting chronographs of the early eighties. Since then, the chronograph has become the elite watchmaking product and an EBEL symbol. Thirteen years of development had culminated in the elegant balance of form and function in the 200-part labyrinth of the Modular’s mechanism. The chronometer/chronograph was the horological expression of Le Corbusier’s call for the victory of proportion over everything else.

It took more than five years of research and design to perfect the Modular – one of the rare chronographs with an official chronometer rating. To ensure that each Modular passed the timing-tests of the Swiss chronometer-control bureau (COSC), the model was developed entirely in EBEL’s workshops.